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Color Up
September 16 - October 30, 2017

Following the inaugural exhibition of Civitas, ace/121 Gallery partnered with Avenue 50 Studio (Highland Park, Los Angeles) for Color Up. 


"Color - its hue and intensity - is the star of this exhibit.  Each artist, displaying his or her intimate knowledge of color used in combination with content, delivers a joyful experience for the eye.  Living in Los Angeles under the intensity of the Southern California sun, these artists celebrate the refraction of light surrounding us."


This exhibition featured some of Avenue 50 studio's most well-known and beloved artists: Bobby Rojas, Heriberto Luna, Isabel Martinez, Leo Eguiarte, Margaret Garcia, Melly Trochez, Peter Tovar, Ramon Ramirez, Raoul De la Sota, Roberto Gutierrez, Susanna Urquiza, Yolanda Gonzalez.

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