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Corrie Siegel:
October 5, 2023 - November 11, 2023

Aphorisims has been a work in progress since 2020. According to the artist Corrie Siegel, “the project started as a form of self-help during the lockdown. I would think of a guiding idea, and once I settled on a short phrase or sentence I would write it over and over until there was a tangled mess of text. Then I would carefully paint within the negative space with the aim to give the watercolor pigment as much freedom as it could have in each small parcel of space.” 

Watercolor is a new medium to Corrie. She says, “watercolor paint can be messy, delicate, controlled, gestural, bold, or gossamer. It’s mostly water just like our bodies too. I’ve been thinking about the way a body internalizes language and pushes against it. How despite the sage advice I give myself, I can’t follow it. One of the pieces of advice I’ve been giving myself is to share my work because I want it to be in conversation with others, so here goes.” 

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