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September 24, 2020 - January 6, 2021

Message to Cyberpunks

This piece is dedicated to all cyberpunks/ hackers/ code kids/ black hat/ white hat/ programmers/ etc. In this digital era it is either program or be programmed. This video was made in memory of hackers/hacktivists like Aaron Schwartz, who went to the grave with the idea that information should be free. This is a black flag flying with crossbones, in other words: "Hack the Planet". 

- Sherry Chovan

Music: Psychic Autopsy, Whxt$ Y@vr Hxndle?!!!

[album is available on all streaming platforms]

Etre Dieu


A head nod to Salvador Dalí's opera of the same title, Etre Dieu (to be god). The only similarity is in name, the piece tackles the existential dilemma an artist/ creator deals with, from the conception of an idea to it' formation in the physical space, one might liken the creative to a godhead/god with supreme creation capabilities. The audio composition is comprised of audio samples pieced together on a Roland 404 and the video is shot and edited using Max/MSp patchwork in order to achieve certain visual results.  The samples are used to tell the tale of a creative, these samples are taken from famous artist interviews throughout history. I've used b-roll of myself making artworks along with candid video of prep work which I have done throughout Los Angeles counties, most reputable museums, in order to purposefully make a new piece of art using art in order to achieve said goal.

- Jose Hernandez

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