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May 11 - June 1, 2018

What makes a community? What are the forces that draw us together? How do we work as neighbors to create community?


Neighbors takes as its central focus a genuine interest in the people living next door: what is their story? What is the journey that brought them here? How is that journey reflected through their art?


Neighbors explores the singular creative process of an artist, the powerful impact art can have on society and encourages us all to “love thy neighbor.” While the works in the exhibition are made by residents of ACE/121, they reflect the relationship we all have with our immediate surrounding community – our neighbors.


ACE/121 is a collaboration between Meta Housing, EngAGE, WSH Management, and the City of Glendale. This unique development provides artists with affordable rent, resources to thrive and creative neighbors. This art gallery is the threshold between our resident community and the public space of Glendale. It is a home to our art, and a home to the art of the larger community; it is where our neighborhoods meet.


Here at ACE/121, we are painters, actors, dancers, musicians, filmmakers, wood workers, ceramicists and more. Our stories are told through our art. Neighbors the exhibition is an expression of this community that is living just next door – it is also a demonstration of how affordable housing benefits society, and the advantages that come from providing affordable living opportunities for artists working in Los Angeles.

- Valerie Douroux Schultz, resident and curator & Ben Evans, ace/121 Gallery director

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