Post Pride Open Call for Artists

on view June 12 - July 31, 2020

Deadline for submission: June 1, 2020


2020 will see the cancellation of Gay Pride events all over the world since the first parade in 1970, one year following the Stonewall uprising. With the loss of this opportunity to come together in person for the 50th consecutive year, the LGBTQ+ community must find alternative ways to gather, commemorate and indeed, celebrate. For most, Pride will be celebrated at home, in quarantine. The eventual emergence from the current distancing restrictions will affect all aspects of socializing and Pride, like everything else, will look - and feel - different.

The first Gay Pride gatherings emerged from violent and oppressive treatment of people who identified as gay, lesbian, queer and transgender. These celebrations were a way to step out in force in order to claim a positive space of pride and resilience. Over the years, as advancements in acceptance of the LGBTQ+ population into mainstream culture have taken hold, the public face of Gay Pride celebrations has changed too. Many corporations, while embracing the LGBTQ+ members of their work force, have visibly supported the causes that many queer people have pushed forward. In doing so, Gay Pride parades now include brand-name floats: airlines, alcohol manufacturers, banks, insurance companies, clothing brands…in response to what many see as a “pinkwashing” of LGBTQ+ culture, offshoots of queer people have spawned parallel celebrations, attempting to highlight the challenges still faced by many LGBTQ+ people. Others simply desire to return to the roots of what Gay Pride stood for in its early days. Furthermore, many members of the LGBTQ+ community do not see themselves in the mainstream representation of queerness.

For the first time this summer, we are indeed in a “post-pride” moment. Mainstream Gay Pride events and these parallel visibility-raising offshoots alike are affected by the absence of social gatherings.

With Post Pride, ace/121 Gallery welcomes submissions from artists who identify at LGBTQ+ who may question what it means to be queer in a post-pride culture, and particularly in this moment of a global pandemic that has affected public celebrations. Where does pride continue to find its way into your work, if at all? When and how do you see yourself represented in the influx of LGBTQ imagery in mainstream marketing and culture, if so? How are you re-imagining your world during this pandemic, after pride? What kind of artwork emerges from isolation? How can artwork be re-imagined for virtual accessibility? How might pride change its appearance post-pandemic, and how might we emerge?


This is an online exhibition. Please keep this in mind – we especially welcome digital and web-based submissions as well as text, image and video work. If submitting 2D work, please think about how best to “display” it, knowing that it will be viewed on a screen.


Please send submissions to (or WeTransfer for larger files) with the subject line

“Post Pride [Last Name_First Name]” along with:

  • Name

  • Title and year of submitted work

  • If submitting a new work or work made especially for the exhibition, please submit a sample image, clip or detailed description along with an example of past work.

  • Short Statement (limit 350 words)

  • Formats accepted:

Video: Recommended resolution 1920 x 1080px, no larger than 250 MB and not to exceed 10 minutes – if longer, please provide total length and link to YouTube/Vimeo

Image: Not to exceed 10 MB, recommended resolution at least 3000px on shortest side

Audio: not to exceed 10 MB

Other: PDF and standard MS Office extensions. Please do not send password protected files.


ace/121 Gallery does not collect any commission from the sales of artwork. All sales agreements take place between artist and buyer, with 100% of sales going directly to the artist. The gallery can help facilitate communication, but is not responsible for any part of the sales agreement.

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