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Femme Lingerie Party - Who's Zoomin' Who

I began this drawing in April during a Zoom lingerie party with a group of friends. We are queer women, trans and cis. We are multi generational too. We are all struggling to have intimacy & and pleasure when we cannot be in the same room.

"Who's Zooming Who" references both Aretha Franklin's song and a photo project by the lesbian artists Elizabeth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle.

When I think about the title of this show, Post Pride, on the last day of May 2020, I think about what an intense year this has been, and it's not over. We've had so many deaths across the country (many that could have been prevented) from the pandemic. Black people, immigrants and poor people are dying at significantly higher rates. And this week thousands of people are rising up in cities across the country to protest the police/government's brutal, never-ending murder of black people. To me Post Pride means moving beyond my own daily concerns. I need to do for others, not just my white privileged Jewish self, to fight in this struggle against the systemic violence and racial inequity.

Femme Lingerie Party: Who's Zoomin' Who


6.5" x 10"

ink and pencil on bristol paper 


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