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Pray for Us

Pray For Us is a depiction of a modern day Virgin Mary with a face mask. 


“During the Wars of Independence (1810–1821), the Virgin was adopted as a nationalist symbol of Mexican liberation, supporting the idea that independence was divinely ordained. Years later, in the United States, she became integral to the cultural identity of Mexican-Americans, as well as to the Chicano movement begun in the 1960s. Guadalupe has continued to serve as a symbol for communicating social, cultural, and political issues.”  -Serda Yalkin


As a young queer boy I would often turn to the virgin for guidance (an obvious symbol of religion). This painting initially was about turning to faith in times of fear while being queer. It has now moved to comment on the current cultural climate amidst COVID-19, isolation, Black Lives Matter, immigration and so on. Although my life has progressed away from organized religion as queer person, I still find her to be relevant not only in my life but other queer LGBTQ folks who have also stepped away. Her image is still a relevant symbol of strength, power and divinity.

Pray For Us


25" × 31" 

acrylic and marker on canvas


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