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Tsar's Special Delivery tells a simple narrative that takes place many years ago (a score or so) in an alternate America full of pastel colors where the viewer follows a nameless state-sanctioned courier as they deliver a small jar of caviar. The narrative follows a genderless courier and explores the theme of labor as well as time and distance and the loneliness that can come with it. During this time in quarantine, I have been revisiting these themes and how they apply to the world as it is at this moment in time where our sense of community and face-to-face interaction as queer-identifying people has been thwarted and suppressed by these stay-at-home orders, as the loss employment, as well as social life, has led to an epidemic of loneliness. It feels as if though the life one had previous to the pandemic has become distant and at this moment we await what will happen next hoping things will go back to "normal." Pride is prevalent in the production of this piece as it features a predominantly LGBT+ cast and was produced and directed by myself who proudly identifies as bisexual.

Tsar's Special Delivery



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