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SHIFT is a 5 minute short film constructed of over 10,000 (ten thousand) photographs taken over a year and a half in the Florida Keys.


SHIFT follows the life of a character who is born from a tree and whose face is stolen by a wild dog. After wandering the landscape reflecting its environment, looking for home, our character's vision returns in an unsuspecting turn of events.


SHIFT is a short film poem inspired by our human search for identity (personal, cultural or otherwise) and by the restorative power of forgiveness by transforming conflict and horror into beauty and peace.




edition of 8, 3 available

$5,500 - $7,500


is a live feed of various body part #hashtags being published on Instagram, forming an abstracted representation of how humans are sharing images of their bodies on the world wide web.


While there is power in the act of sharing freely, many questions rise as we create a collective representation of our physical human form through the images we share and project onto the world.

The Web Body Project is a never-ending video created on a web page by forming a rough collage resembling a human body, which constantly regenerates itself with images taken from Instagram as they are published. 


Web Body Project is an interactive moving image project inspired by the Surrealists writing game entitled "Exquisite Corpse," where each participant writes a tiny bit of a collective story.


$5,000 (unique; web-based work, can run privately on its URL)

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