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The Art Spirit
September 27 - November 8, 2019

Over the course of the summer of 2019, four professional artists visited the Babajanyan Art Academy in Glendale to share their knowledge, experience and passion for the arts with the young artists training there. The Art Spirit showcased the work that came out of these workshops. These artistic exchanges and consequent exhibition demonstrate the necessity of art education and the responsibility we have to ensure it prospers and thrives for generations to come. Amidst ongoing cuts to arts and culture budgets within our schools and beyond, this show strove to impress upon our community just how crucial art in our schools is – and how viable the pursuit of an artistic career can be. The exhibition featured artists Alex Babajanyan, Laura Brody, Avo Krtikashyan, and Zan Khan and the work of the students of the Babajanyan Art Academy.

The Art Spirit is the culmination of lots of hard work and dedication by teachers and students, but more importantly, it is about giving back what we’ve been fortunate enough to receive. It is about paving the way for younger artists so they can continue to make the world brighter and more beautiful.”

– Alex Babajanyan, curator and resident & Ben Evans, ace/121 Gallery director



The Art Spirit hosted two public programs parallel to the exhibition:


  • Monday, October 7th: Life Drawing with artist Alex Babajanyan


  • Friday, October 18th: Textile Workshop with artist Laura Brody


The closing reception featured a musical performance by Gokor Boyadjian, an original monologue by local high school student Blanca Pallini and guest speakers Timothea Workman and Miganoush Melkonian.

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