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Voice of Nature
November 22, 2019 -
January 3, 2020

Voice of Nature featured work by artists who live in the ACE/121 artist community. The gallery’s inaugural exhibition, Civitas, opened in May of 2017, introducing the vibrant inter-generational community of ACE/121 to the city of Glendale as a permanent fixture in its contemporary cultural fabric and artistic output.

With Voice of Nature, the ACE/121 community proposed a themed group show with a vast scope, presenting artworks of diverse medium ranging from painting to poetry, music to collage and ceramics.

Responding to the prompt “What does nature have to say? What is your voice of nature?”, residents of ACE/121 created an exhibition that represented a chorus of voices under a single roof. The artists found nature in their everyday: not only in the natural world, but also in the nature of humanity, the figure, materials, small moments as well as those large forces which bind us all together.

- Ben Evans, ace/121 Gallery director

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