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Cary 2

Cary 2 and Cary 3 are a recent addition to the series Stars and Angels, started in 2017. This is the first series that I made after moving to the United States, it came out as a result of my long walks in Los Angeles, Hollywood and Santa Monica, where I took pictures of what I observed along the way, deranged people, amputated veterans, drug addicts, white and black people, wandering the streets, carrying their belongings in supermarket trolleys, sleeping on trains and sidewalks, using a piece of cardboard as a bed, and a shabby tent as a shelter.

In these visual constructions, pictures of old Hollywood movie stars are deconstructed. In some cases, their faces are wiped out, in others, their silhouettes are outlined with borders, segmenting the composition like territories on a map.

Inhabiting these territories, floating, multiplied, arranged as dancers from a Busby Berkeley choreography, are the sleeping bodies of the homeless.

Cary 2 & Cary 3


inket print, up to 17" x 13"

$450, framed

Cary 3
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